Thank you for your concern!

Dear business partners, 

We deeply appreciate and thank you for your heartfelt messages, which reached us in these days. We are relieved to share that everyone here at Belinka Perkemija is safe and sound, and our homes have been unaffected by the recent floods. 

Your caring and sincere words mean a lot to us. It’s incredibly reassuring to have business partners like you, who truly care about our well-being in moments of challenge and uncertainty. 

We are pleased to inform you that our production facilities and capacities were not affected despite the difficult flood situation. We were able to maintain our operations smoothly and ensure continuity for our valued partners and customers. 

While the city of Ljubljana has been fortunate to remain unharmed, our neighbouring cities, unfortunately, have experienced devastating destruction due to the unprecedented scale of the floods. Only 30 out of 212 municipalities were without damage. This has indeed been one of the worst flood situations that Slovenia has ever faced, impacting over 75% of the country’s territory. 

As we come together to support our affected communities and embark on the journey of recovery, your kind sentiments provide us with renewed strength. Your concern and support are a source of inspiration as we navigate these challenging times. 

With warm regards, 

The Belinka Perkemija Team