Sodium Perborate Monohydrate – PBS1

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Belinka Perkemija is the leading producer of sodium perborate in the EU. It is also the only producer of sodium perborate in Slovenia. The company acquires this substance from its own technology in a batch process using raw borates and hydrogen peroxide.


Due to its qualities, sodium perborate monohydrate is increasingly replacing the more widespread sodium perborate tetrahydrate. It corresponds to global trends in laundry detergents. Development is directed towards compact detergents. These are more concentrated detergents with higher bulk density and greater washing efficiency that enable various kinds of savings – from costs of packaging, transport, stocks of finished products, lower washing temperatures, and reduced energy consumption.

Sodium perborate monohydrate is more soluble at low temperatures compared with sodium perborate tetrahydrate. Washing at low temperatures saves energy.

Standard packages:
  • PE bag, 20 kg
  • Flexible IBC (Big-bag), 500 and 1000 kg

Deliveries of bulk products are possible.

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