Regular use of the VHP process in order to disinfect our premises in Ljubljana

Active anti-coronavirus measures of Belinka Perkemija.

The current global topic is the antiviral and antimicrobial action of chemicals – that ought to be nevertheless human-friendly. This is exactly what our BELOX 35Fin BELOX 50 stand for.


Both products are specially stabilized pure hydrogen peroxide, optimized for use in indoor surface disinfection with VHP process machines. It is very important for the user that they do not leave toxic residues.

Disinfection of indoor surfaces is regularly treated using the VHP procedure. It is enabled by our new Decontamination mobile generator DGM-200-ME, manufactured by Iskra PIO.

VHP GENERATOR belongs to a group of machines used in laboratories, medical institutions, in research and in the production of pharmaceutical products.

We are very proud because we can disinfect our workplaces in a nature- and human-friendly way with a decontamination medium, which is the result of the work of our hands, of our knowledge and of our experience.