And the recipients of Belinka Perkemija awards for 2020 are …

We present the winners of this year’s Belinka Perkemija awards for the best achievements.

This year the proud winners were are (from the top left): Anton Gregorič, Zvonka Zarubica, Matija Mencinger, Branko Vagaja and Žiga Kobal.
Photo: Matjaž Maške

Award for life work Belinka 2020 – Zvonka Zarubica
In 1978 Zvonka was employed in Belinka’s accounting, provided she would be extremely accurate. For 42 long years, Zvonka did not break her given promise. Zvonka is distinguished by an immensely wide range of knowledge. She selflessly distributes it to her colleagues, she is always ready to help, to explain complicated things, even to auditors. She is a multitalented, knowledgeable person and an example of a friendly and honest person.

Belinka’s “Golden Sign” award 2020: Matija Mencinger
Matija joined us in 2015 as a production technologist. He was finaly formed by the technical director and quickly acquired technological and organizational knowledge. Later on he upgraded it and extended his expertise to ecology and legislation. This year, he become an assistant to production manager and demonstrated his dedication and professionalism. Special praise for self-initiative and enthusiasm in managing production and legislation in the wider environmental field!

Belinka’s “Silver Sign” award 2020: Anton Gregorič
In 1989, Belinka hired a new spare parts technologist – our Anton.

Since then, he has been in charge of purchasing spare parts and kept an eye on their stock. His work may be behind the scenes, but this is not really the case. Tone is an indispensable link for the maintenance sector. In 2020 he made a step forward towards more efficient maintenance by successfully integrating spare parts catalogs into the SAP system.

Branko Vagaja – innovator of the year

His 10 proposals are the best evaluated this year (under criteria: originality, scope, usability area, usefulness).

Production improvements:

– height adjustment of the spent catalyst emptying stand
– closure of electrical shafts for electrical cabinets
– plastic and paper press
– processing of the pipeline for emptying the working solution
– installation of non-return flap at the beginning of tank 97
– processing and merging of pipes of several sampling points into one pipeline

Žiga Kobal – Hero for Zero of the year 2020

Žiga is a young technologist, involved in production and support services on a daily basis, and in constant contact with stakeholders in our factory’s backyard.
His tendency to respect and adhere to security measures was not overlooked. Not even the security concerns and pointing out open security issues.

Through his actions, he shows that a HERO can be anyone who thinks preventively, who raises awareness and cares about safety.