Technical Gases


Under normal conditions carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas, and of slightly sour taste. It is denser than air, inert, and non-combustible. It is liquefied at a pressure of 15 to 17 bar and temperature -30 to -35°C. CO2 is not toxic and is present in the atmosphere at a concentration of about 0.03 vol. %. Higher concentrations are dangerous due to the reduction of oxygen in the air.
Belinka Perkemija produces liquid CO2 to the quality required by the food industry.


Belinka Perkemija produces hydrogen in the technological process of steam reforming (reaction between natural gas and steam). The production capacity for pure hydrogen is 225 kg/h. The quality of hydrogen is (99.9 vol. %), since the majority of hydrogen is used in the production of hydrogen peroxide where almost 100% purity is required


Belinka Perkemija produces demineralized water of high quality – under 0.05 μS.

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