Sodium Perborates

Sodium perborates serve as a source of active oxygen. It is inorganic peroxide, odorless, water-soluble chemical compound prepared in a form of MONOHYDRATE (NaBO3·H2O) or TETRAHYDRATE (NaBO3·4H2O).

Belinka Perkemija produces both forms of sodium perborate. Sodium perborate is a white, free-flowing, crystalline powder that dissolves readily in water and produces an alkaline solution with oxidative properties.

DIFFERENCES between Monohydrate and Tetrahydrate regarding application and performance:

  • The essential difference between both Sodium Perborates is in the AVOX (free active oxygen):
  • Monohydrate has AVOX minimum 15 % and is used for low temperature wash, but on contrary Tetrahydrate has AVOX minimum 10 % only.
  • The monohydrated form has further on higher heat stability and a higher dissolution rate into water.

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