At Belinka Perkemija, we are proud of our work which is increasingly focused on nature conservation and a clean environment. We present our BLACK PINE environmental project, which was implemented to raise awareness about nature-friendly operations.

Belinka Perkemija was also presented with the FDI Award Slovenia 2020 in the category “green” for their contribution to the preservation of nature and a clean environment. With this award the government of the Republic of Slovenia recognizes exceptional contributions from foreign investors to the Slovenian business environment. Find out more here.

Our green activities:
1. Upgrading green operations and production
2. Additional proactive approaches to protecting our environment
3. CO2 reuse
4. Activities to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions
5. E-business operations
6. Eco promotion: the nature of peroxide and its benefits


1. Upgrading green operations and production

At Belinka Perkemija, we have been focusing on a proactive approach to protecting our environment for several years. We planted an extensive plantation of black pine (pinus nigra) on the entire eastern border of our industrial complex. The black pine is a symbol of our year-round evergreen activities. The planting of trees was a measure primarily intended for the local people, as we will contribute to reducing noise and beautifying the surroundings, as well as reducing the carbon footprint.

All year round, even in winter, when there are no flowering plants and the deciduous trees shed their leaves, our pines slowly but steadily process CO2 into oxygen. It is the black pine that exemplifies our small but constant steps towards a healthier and more pleasant environment for us and future generations.


2. Additional proactive approaches to protecting our environment

We are developing ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions:

  • CO2 which is generated in our industrial processes is incorporated into new green products and thus contributes to reducing the carbon footprint.
  • We are increasing energy independence from fossil fuels and efficiency. We are in the preparatory phase of building a solar power plant.
  • We are involved in a consortium that is exploring the possibilities for production of green (nature and environmentally friendly) hydrogen by electrolysis. This would reduce current methane consumption.

Belinka Perkemija produces hydrogen peroxide, which is a green and multifunctional chemical. In its action, it breaks down into environmentally friendly end products, oxygen and water, and does not accumulate in the body.

We are working intensively on an e-business project (“green deal”), in which the ultimate goal is to have a paperless, environmentally friendly business operation.


3. CO2 reuse

In 2005, the EU introduced greenhouse gas emissions trading with a view to strategically reduce carbon emissions. We are also included in the emission management system in our company. We are actively working to reduce emissions. Carbon dioxide, which is an integral part of hydrogen peroxide production, has been identified as a product with a wide range of uses.

Direct CO2 emissions from our industrial processes can be captured and liquefied with special processes. By reusing or incorporating carbon dioxide into new products, we consequently contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. At Belinka Perkemija, we are actively working on the development and possibilities of incorporating CO2 into new green products, and at the same time we will further supplement the capacities of the existing production process of carbon dioxide liquefaction.


4. Activities to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions

At Belinka Perkemija, we test and carry out various activities that would reduce the carbon footprint of production. In the process of hydrogen production (H2 from fossil fuels) CO2 is formed as a by-product. Most of it is captured and liquefied for selling on the market. This also reduces the extraction of natural resources. We will shortly update and upgrade this process:

  • Together with our business partners, we are studying and researching the possibility of capturing and incorporating CO2 into green products (e.g. calcium carbonate, limestone, methanol, etc.) from flue gases generated to ensure our work processes (boiler room and hydrogen plant)
  • Construction of highly efficient cogeneration to produce electricity, steam and heat from natural gas to increase energy independence and efficiency.
  • Renewable energy sources are also included here, where possible. We will also build a solar power plant.
  • We are also involved in a consortium where we are exploring the possibilities of producing green hydrogen by electrolysis. Hydrogen would continue to be used to produce hydrogen peroxide (H2 O2) and thus reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Planting trees for a more beautiful environment and improving relations with fellow citizens, as well as reducing noise and carbon footprint.


5. E-business operations

We used the time of the epidemic to make improvements and find new solutions in the field of e-business operations. When looking for solutions, we decided to promote e-business or in other words the “Green deal”.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been working intensively on the e-business project in issuing and receiving e-invoices by our suppliers. Accordingly, we also internally introduced ordering procedures, where we avoid unnecessary printing in paper form and storing the documentation in our cabinets. The entire process from ordering to invoicing is now in an e-form.

We also transferred paperless operations to the area of deliveries and shipments of goods. We introduced procedures to limit the contact of external persons with internal sales staff and the transfer of interphase documentation. Thus, we transferred certain tasks to the security service, which takes care of the paperless transfer of accompanying documentation before loading the goods and when delivering various materials. In the field of mail management (internal and external), we introduced scanning of incoming mail, the main purpose of which is to exclude contacts of employees with the received documentation. As part of these activities, we also introduced e-forms for calculating mileage and overtime. This eliminated unnecessary physical contact.


6. Eco promotion – the nature of peroxide and its benefits

Belinka Perkemija produces hydrogen peroxide, which is used in a very wide range. In addition to the traditional use in the field of bleaching (cellulose and cotton) fibers in the paper and textile industry, cleaning in ecology and for chemical synthesis, it is increasingly used in the field of antimicrobial and viral activity, which is currently in focus.

More and more peroxide under the name Belox is also used for aseptic packaging in the food industry; e.g. for disinfecting tetra pack packaging before filling milk. We are also developing pure peroxide products for the needs of disinfection of various surfaces in the food and veterinary industry and also for the preparation of drinking water for people and animals.

From an ecological point of view, hydrogen peroxide is a green chemical, multifunctional, which is also very effective with its active oxygen content. It decomposes into oxygen and water, an environmentally friendly product.