Carbon dioxide (liquid) – CO2

Carbon dioxide under normal conditions is a colourless, odourless gas, and of slightly sour taste. It is denser than air, inert, and non-combustible. It is liquefied at a pressure of 15 to 17 bar and temperature -30 to -35°C. CO2 is not toxic and is present in the atmosphere at a concentration of about 0.03 vol. %. Higher concentrations are dangerous due to the reduction of oxygen in the air.

Belinka Perkemija produces liquid CO2 to the quality required by the food industry.


CO2 is used:

In food industry for:

  • freezing,
  • aerating beverages,
  • the manufacture and packaging of food in an inert atmosphere,
  • decantation of beer,
  • cooling of food during transport,
  • water softening.

In foundry industry:

  • for hardening of foundry cores,
  • for cleaning in steel processing,
  • as a blowing gas in casting.

In chemical industry:

  • as a protective gas for chemical synthesis,
  • as a neutralizing agent,
  • for the production of carbonates,
  • for supercritical extraction,
  • for grinding of granules,
  • for the production of hollow-blown plastic.

In biology and medicine:

  • as a means of extinguishing fires in electrical installations and various chemicals,
  • as a coolant for various purposes.

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