Biocidal regulation

Health is our primary goal. That is why we would like to introduce in detail why biocidal products are key to our long-term vision and why we strongly believe in them.
Biocides are chemicals used to destroy organisms that are harmful to human or animal health, or can dangerously effect natural or manufactured materials. These harmful organisms include pests and germs. Examples of biocidal products are antifouling paints, rat poisons, mosquito repellants and preservatives.
Biocides are essential in our everyday lives for the purpose of prevention and protection. Biocidal products are used in different fields. We use it in the area of human hygiene, applied on or in contact with human skin. We can use them in everyday life for cleaning purposes, for the disinfection of surfaces, materials, equipment or furniture. Products are used for disinfection of air and water. Biocides are also used in veterinary hygiene products such as disinfectants or disinfecting soaps, nevertheless, biocidal products are used for preservation in wood industry. Biocidal products include both preventive and curative products in a variety of industries.

Ensuring safety

In biocidal products, safety is the no.1 goal in and we are committed to provid¬ing quality products with high standards in human and environmen¬tal safety, supporting the friendly usage on a daily basis and contributing to the welfare and foundation to our society.


The Biocidal Products Regulation applies directly to all citizens in the European Union. The BPR has the same effect as national laws and on that note it is even more important for us, as a provider, to lead the process of providing information in the field of biocidal product. We need to take into account the fact that the rules will get stricter with time, and due to this, Belinka Perkemija has already placed its knowledge and experiences forward to start implementing changes in the field of Biocidal products Regulation.

Solution today, for better tomorrow

By providing this information, we want to give you a glimpse into the process of how products are made and furthermore, into how things can and will be better by using biocidal products. It’s the solution we are thinking about today for a healthier and better tomorrow.