Belinka Perkemija

The name Belinka has a long history, it dates back to 1948. The first production site was located in Podgorica near Šentjakob, where the hydrogen peroxide was produced. This universal whitening agent is also the reason why the company is named – BELinka (bel means white, in Slovene).

The raw material for the manufacturing has caused huge need of washing in the 1950’s and 60’s and this had an impact on success of Belinka. Belinka grew each year and expanded to foreign markets, such as Serbia. The original part of Belinka that produces peroxide compounds and indicated for later naming it Belinka Perkemija.

After acquisitions in the 90’s (Belinka Kemostik, Belinka Kemična Tovarna Moste) the Belinka Group was formed and officially named Belinka Holdings. In the next years the group continues with success story and further grew by integrating international companies Metakem and Duga. In 2007, the Belinka Holding with all its companies was taken over by Slovene Coatings producer Helios.

In the following years the Belinka companies further developed their business and has strongly focused on environmentally issues and sustainability due to general strategy of Helios Company. Since 2014 the Helios Group has new owners, the Austrian company, RIH, with its strong industrial coating producer Rembrandtin. Today the group operates in the top 10 companies in the European market.