Belinka Perkemija receives the FDI Award Slovenia 2020

Belinka Perkemija, d.o.o. was presented with the FDI Award Slovenia 2020 in the category “green”. With this award the government of the Republic of Slovenia recognizes exceptional contributions from foreign investors to the Slovenian business environment.

The company received the award in the “green” category for their contribution to the preservation of nature and a clean environment.

The award ceremony, with which public agency SPIRIT Slovenia traditionally honours foreign owners, Slovenian employees, as well as their suppliers and customers, took place on Wednesday, 16 December 2020, and was organized as a special virtual event given this years’ exceptional situation.

The FDI Award Slovenia 2020 was given to Franci Stele, Managing Director of Belinka Perkemija, d. o. o. Photo: Matjaž Očko

Watch the FDI Award Slovenia 2020 announcement video here:

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