Belinka Perkemija introduces its own solar plant

Belinka Perkemija constantly monitors developments in the field of European and Slovenian decarbonization standards, so in 2020 we applied for the “Investment in your future” tender, co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the Cohesion Fund.

The goal of the project was to set up our own solar power plant on the warehouse roof, which will allow us to obtain “green” electricity. We successfully completed the project, which is also the result of excellent cooperation between our team and the contractor. At the annual level, the production of 320 MWh of electricity is planned. All energy will be used in the production of hydrogen peroxide and sodium perborate.

The company’s own solar power plant represents a major step towards sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint and is just one of many sustainable activities we are planning in the future.