Belinka Perkemija

The name Belinka Perkemija has a long history, that dates back to 1948. While at its beginning the company did focus on the production of hydrogen peroxide, which had a boom in the 1950’s and 60’s, Belinka Perkemija today offers a wide range of environmentally friendly bleaching and cleaning agents for different industries. With its strengths in fast and flexible production, smart logistics and highly professional technical service, the company did develop to become the biggest sodium perborate producer in the world and one of only 8 European producers of hydrogen peroxide.

Since 2014 Belinka Perkemija is a member of the European KANSAI HELIOS Group, one of the top 10 coating companies in the European market and part of the KANSAI PAINT Group.


KANSAI HELIOS is a member of one of the leading paint and coatings producers in the world – the KANSAI PAINT Group. With worldwide manufacturing, distribution and sales activities we serve customers around the world.

Reliability, growth and science are the most important values, that drive our daily business and help us create new products and services that meet our customers‘ needs.


The European KANSAI HELIOS Group has companies and production sites located in 18 countries worldwide and provides customer support all over the world. As a specialist for niche markets, the group offers not just a wide range of products and solutions in almost all segments of coatings and with many renowned brands, but also tailor made products for every need.

Research and development

Belinka Perkemija’s Development Department is dedicated to creating sustainable, high value-added products using hydrogen peroxide in their advanced laboratory within the KANSAI HELIOS Group. Their team of professionals works tirelessly to provide innovative solutions for market needs, in collaboration with scientific institutions and companies, resulting in successful participation in national and international tenders.

Belinka Perkemija’s mission to prioritize the environment is evident through their commitment to developing innovative technologies that address the carbon footprint issue. Their efforts towards sustainable development are reflected in their products and practices.

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